Franchising Support

It starts with a plan! Join us on your first day as a Pierced?® Fractional Franchisee and we’ll work with you to develop a plan for success. We understand that entrepreneurs come from all walks of life and we’re here to help you in areas that are new to you. From answering your initial questions to opening your new location, we’re here to support you with a personalized approach. Site selection is an important element in the success of your Pierced?® location. We provide you with market studies of your trade area allowing you to target the best possible locations. We also partner with you to do trade area analysis, help in lease negotiations, and coordinate construction. We provide online 24/7 training and support.  The training covers how to operate your location, customer service techniques, product and labor cost controls, profitable sales growth and much more. From opening day on, every franchisee has a Business Consultant to help maintain great execution and help you uncover new ways to make your location more profitable.

-How do I keep up with the financials?Complete bookkeeping and financial management via our experienced third-party accounting service is available.

-What if I don’t understand taxes?

It’s alright, with the accounting service, simply connect your CPA to your accounting team and let them handle it.

-How do I order all of those products?

Simply update your system with the desired full capacities and we will send you everything you need to replenish your location monthly. 


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