Pierced?® is a fractional franchise opportunity founded that was founded by Travis Steffan in late 2012.  Since its inception, the Pierced?® fractional franchise has proven to be the ideal low-cost, proven business model that provides the entrepreneur or investor an opportunity to:

  • Create passive income almost immediately
  • Rapidly increase one’s net worth
  • Gain a solid return on investment

Travis, Roger, and Dave are serial entrepreneurs and have over 40 years combined experience in the business arena. Roger is a decorated combat veteran and has a proven track record of creating systems for business growth and expansion. He established a local moving franchise system, Great Day Moving, based out of the Midwest as well as proprietary software for the service industry. Travis has been on the specialty retail scene since 1999 and began his first body jewelry kiosk while going to college for mechanical engineering. Dave’s experience is far reaching. He has owned and operated several large multi-unit retail and service sector businesses with the Virgin group from England, Calendar Club from Canada and Hickory Farms from the USA. He is currently growing a successful manufacturing company producing the professional line of Funk-Off™ natural products for the tattoo and body piercing industry. They decided to combine their strengths of both strategic growth and industry expertise to create the Pierced?® fractionial franchise system.

Pierced?® is listed as an approved franchise through the SBA Franchise Registry. This automatically grants qualified prospects to receive funding through any bank that offers SBA Lending.